Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner  
Functional Integration®

In a Functional Integration lesson we begin with the recognition that you have everything you need in order to heal, to grow and to learn. Every living creature possesses an organic wisdom and essential vitality.  Living in accordance with that wisdom and vitality is our birth right.  Together, you and I discover the process that can help you to live with greater ease, pleasure and joy.

Pain, stiffness, tension, injury and illness can be our bodies way of calling us toward transformation.  Often we don't recognize that we are longing for aspects of how we are living to evolve, and our bodies let us know.  Ultimately we are being asked to learn and grow in order to live in accordance with our deepest values and dreams.  My role is to provide you with the means for finding within yourself your own capacity to live in comfort, ease, pleasure and grace.  

In a lesson you are fully clothed.  You may be sitting or lying on a low table, or sitting in a chair.  Sometimes there is a verbal component, in which you are guided by me to enter a process of self observation. We open up to awareness of sensation, movement, emotion, and presence. Sometimes we are in silence and the process is non-verbal and touch oriented. Sometimes you are passively allowing me to move and touch you, and sometimes you are an active participant.

We work with respect for limits and within the realm of comfort.  Rather than striving for ideals of how you should be, we ignite a process for meeting the changing circumstances of life with fluidity and grace.  Your sense of who you are expands and possibilities grow.